IKEA Adopts Solar And EV For India Operations

IKEA inaugurated its first Indian store at Hyderabad last week with a massive response from locals. The multinational brand has started off its domestic operations with green energy.

The store at Hyderabad has installed about 4000 solar panels at its rooftop that will power its electric vehicle fleet and operations.

IKEA has partnered with Hyderabad-based solar solution providers Photon Solar, China-based LONGi Solar and Belgian firm, 3E, with a commissioned solar rooftop capacity of 800 kWp.

The other major operation of the company that will be solar-driven is their delivery.

IKEA has adopted solar-powered electric auto-rickshaws to deliver ordered products to their customers. They plan to gradually convert their complete vehicle fleet into electric, with 20 per cent of the vehicles already being solar-driven right now.

With plans to flag off a new store in Mumbai next year, IKEA aims to open 25 stores across India by 2025.



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