Andhra Pradesh : Building A Sustainable City From Scratch

What if you could create a city from scratch? And what if one of the world’s leading architects helps you design that?

That’s happening in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, where the local government has enlisted Norman Foster to help redesign the capital city for the province, Amaravati.

Singapore-based urban consultants Surbana Jurong are also involved in the planning, which aims to create jobs and homes for all, a world-class infrastructure, a green city and efficient resource management. The design will incorporate “decades-long research into sustainable cities” as well as the latest technologies being developed in India.

Large shaded walkways to encourage people to walk through the city, lots of green spaces, widespread use of solar energy and a transportation strategy that includes electric vehicles, water taxis, and dedicated cycle routes characterize the plans, which are set to be realized within 25 years.

The plans could help illustrate how to address the challenges faced by other cities around the world and those discussed by the World Economic Forum Council on Cities and Urbanization.

The Forum assesses how the state of Andhra Pradesh could benefit from harnessing new technologies like artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles and drones, the internet of things, advanced materials, 3D printing and biotechnology and concludes there could be a $5 billion annual opportunity by 2022.

Cities in other locations are also aiming to become more sustainable. Copenhagen wants to become the world’s first carbon-neutral capital by 2025. Norway is building Oslo Airport City, a 4 million square metre city that will take 30 years to build and be powered entirely by renewable energy and served by electric vehicles.






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