Swachh Kumbh Mela: 1.20 lakh Eco-Friendly Toilets Deployed

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The Uttar Pradesh government is set to host one of the biggest religious congregations at Prayagraj Kumbh Mela with the theme of ‘Swachh Kumbh, Surakshit Kumbh’.

The state government has allotted Rs 4,300 crore for creating the necessary infrastructure for the Kumbh Mela 2019.

In line with the theme, the Kumbh Mela authority has installed 1.22 lakh toilets in the area and a total of 50 reverse osmosis water ATMs at various locations.

The authorities would put 3,000 tents having the capacity of accommodating 6,000 people, 1.22 lakh toilets, 40,000 LED lights, modern control and command centre and 1,400 CCTV cameras to monitor the crowd during the Maha Kumbh.

The government has also deployed 1500 Swachhagrahis to join Kumbh Mela for Triggering and Monitoring and will be stationed at 6 different public accommodations around the Mela premises.

Reference- Danik Jagran, Financial Express

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