Bisleri’s “Bottles for Change”

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Started a year ago on World Environment Day, Bisleri’s “Bottles for Change” is a noble cause aimed towards fighting the big but unavoidable menace of plastic waste in the country.

Since its inception, the program has conducted over 200 plastic recycling awareness and collection drives and workshops in corporate offices, housing societies, schools, colleges and other institutions, malls, festive & social gatherings, events, etc., just within Mumbai.

With over, 4,800 tonnes of plastic recycled by Bisleri, the ‘Bottles For Change’ program has reached out and successfully engaged 15,00,000 citizens, 600 housing societies, 150 corporates, 400 hotels and restaurants, and 200 schools.

Bisleri has engaged with 3 waste picker organizations called Parisar Bhagni Vikas Sangh (PBVS), Sampurna Earth and Garbage Concern Welfare Society in Mumbai, which are associated with the waster pickers group in Mumbai.

The plastic collected by them are crushed into fine flakes which are then used to create non-edible products such as – Cloth fabric, Hand bags, Window blinds and other useful products.

The campaign has not been designed to promote Bisleri or gain any corporate benefits but to genuinely raise awareness around the pressing topic of plastic waste.

The program, in fact, will be launched across the country without Bisleri’s name associated with it.

Reference- Bisleri PR

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