UL Launches Mobile Solar PV Testing Laboratory

Underwriters Laboratories, commonly known as UL, has announced the launch of its first ever mobile solar PV testing laboratory in New Delhi.

The lab’s function is to identify, evaluate, and replace under performing modules directly at the solar project site which could help solar system owners and operators capitalize on the production and reduce the downtime at the project site.

This is the first of a kind facility to be launched in India, according to the company.

The dearth of testing facilities in the country has been a persistent problem in the domestic renewable energy sector along with the widespread use of sub-standard products in solar projects.

To obtain BIS certification for a series of modules, caompanies are paying ₹2.2 million (~$3,164) for the testing.

On the other hand, the chamber where testing is conducted has 1,000-hour cycles, so whenever they send the modules for testing, the results are available only after three months.

In India only 4-5 laboratories, each have two chambers to test, so at a time not more than ten companies can go for BIS certification process for three months, one must wait for three months for his turn.

This on-site testing facility maintains international standards and can check up to 300 modules in one shift.

Factors that are tested are insulation, module performance with low irradiance, and temperature coefficient.

Reference- Mercom India, UL PR