Senvion India To Gain Operational Control For Better Local Market Positioning

Senvion today announced that it has decided to transform Senvion India into an independent standalone operational business unit.

The new arrangement means that Senvion India can operate independently to offer all services to its clients including in-country turbine supply agreements, engineering, manufacturing, local R&D support and service provision.

The arrangement will help the company serve local clients in a growing market in the best possible way by improving efficiency and streamlining operations.

Senvion India will continue to remain a wholly owned subsidiary of Senvion GmbH.

Senvion India will be furnished with all licences to the extent necessary, R&D know-how and technical support in order to strengthen local capabilities.

The Senvion 2.3M series is the first fully modular platform that can be customized throughout India and other global markets to deliver business case certainty associated with lowest Levelized Cost of Energy (LCoE) to customers.

The first 2.3M130 was recently installed in Gujarat and is one of the largest turbines installed in India, generating sufficient electricity to provide over 1,500 Indian homes with clean energy.

The turbine is scheduled to receive full certification before the end of this year.

This is a Senvion PR; edited by Clean Future Team