Solubag: A Carry Bag That Dissolves In Water In Just 5 Minutes

Solubag, a Chilean company with 3 years of operation dedicated to the development and innovation of packaging products which are friendly to the environment.

The company is recognized by University Singularity and Sillicon Valley and was judged as the best innovation in Latin America, a prize which was awarded at the ‘Summit Conference’ held in March 2018 in Chile.

They invented a new raw material made by a synthesis from calcium carbide and natural gas. The bags can be produce in the same machinery that currently manufacture flexible films, replacing the plastic for Solubag raw material.

Thanks to the same raw material and a different formulation, Solubag produces water-soluble reusable fabric bags. The new formulation was created in 2014.

The bag is soluble both in normal, hot or cold water.

These environmentally friendly bags can be completely dissolve in 5 minutes in water instead of up to 500 years without contamination.

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