eHang – 1st eVTOL Service Coming In December 2019

Working at a Chinese time pace, eHang is readying the launch of the very first eVTOL urban air mobility (UAM) service in Guangzhou, China, this December.

It wants to become a full-stack UAM solution and will most likely be the first eVTOL aircraft operator in service.

eHang also announced that its “passenger-grade” aircraft found customers not only in Asia but also in Europe and North America. Like, the United Therapeutics subsidiary Lung Biotechnology wants to use its eVTOL aircraft to transport organs for human transplants.

So far, eHang wants to focus on tourism, medical applications, and general transportation. It is working closely with the International Civil Aviation Organization, the European Union Aviation Safety Agency, and the Civil Aviation Administration of China.

eHang will fly its eHang AVV on regular service in Guangzhou. The AVV denomination stands for Aerial Autonomous Vehicle. eHang not only has AVV but also offers drones.

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