A Road Based Pollution Extraction System

Reducing the output of harmful emissions is a necessary thing, but what can we do about the pollution that’s already out there?

That’s the question being asked by UK-based firm Pollution Solution, and its answer is a new “cat’s eye-style” (in the UK, the lane reflectors in the middle of most roads are commonly referred to as “cat’s eyes” ) in-ground filter that the company claims will be able to substantially reduce air pollution at busy intersections.

The idea put forward by Pollution Solution is fairly easy to understand.

Basically, the company would install a couple of suction fans into the road itself, which would look something like cat’s eye reflectors to motorists.

These partially submerged pods will be installed in the centre of the roadway at “hotspot areas” of high pollution, slow moving and or stationary traffic.

These fans would draw in vehicle emissions, and push that pollution-heavy air through a connected filtration system which are underground.

The air that leaves the roadside unit is cleaned to a rate of 99%, removing particulate matter ( PM1 – PM10 ) along with a range of harmful gases including Nitrogen Oxide (NOx), Carbon Monoxide (CO), Hydrocarbons (HC) and Ozone (O3).

The maintenance required by the roadside air cleaning unit varies depending on the density of pollution and volume of traffic but timescales vary between 3 and 12 month intervals. 

Reference- Clean Technica, Pollution Solution website