Nexon EV For Just Rs.13.99 Lakhs, With 193 Kms Real World Range

Tata Motors has just launched the home-grown Nexon EV in India for just under $20,000 (₹1,399,000) with real-world range of around 120 miles (193 km), 1-hour DC charging, 8-year battery and powertrain warranty, and 5-star global NCAP safety rating.

The Nexon EV illustrates the impressive vertical integration of Tata Group. The battery cells are made by Tata Chemicals, and the battery pack assembly (30.2 kWh, liquid cooled) and motor assembly is performed by Tata Autocomp. Included in the vehicle purchase price, Tata Power will install a bundled home or workplace AC charger.

This level of vertical integration helps Tata to achieve the very competitive pricing of sub-$20,000.

The Nexon comes with an app to remotely control various functions, including cabin preconditioning, and includes Android Auto and Apple Carplay as standard.

The marketed ARAI range of the Nexon is 312 km (194 miles), translating that into EPA-like “real-world” figures, the range is more realistically around 120 miles (193 km).

Tata Motors owns the Jaguar Land Rover brands and channels, so could likely find a way to distribute a European version of the Nexon, perhaps mildly tweaked for the European market.

Reference- Tata Motors PR, Auto India, Clean Technica