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EV Navigation – No More Running On Empty Battery is a platform by GPS Tuner, a Hungary-based navigation company with over a decade of experience in turn-by-turn navigation, offline navigation, and electric vehicle connectivity.

The company already holds several patents in the area of e-mobility — including range calculation and visualization on a map surface.

Their newest offering, EV Navigation, offers EV drivers a comprehensive solution for predicting the discharge rate of the battery with precision by calculating routes and taking the charging times into consideration.

This gives EV drivers the ability to optimize their drive time and spend the least amount of time necessary waiting at charging stations. It offers both browser-based websites and smartphone apps (iOS and Android), granting you a turn-by-turn navigation with advanced lane information all along your way regardless of your device.

Open the EV Navigation webpage in any browser, select your electric car, choose a destination, and press “GO.” Your route will be displayed by taking into consideration your current position, the available chargers, and all the adjustable parameters that could affect your ride.

Range calculation considers both the elevation of the terrain and other dynamic variables that may affect battery performance, such as weight, tire pressure, temperature, wind, and driver behavior.

Additionally, the site calculates the maximum range you can cover, and it also informs you about the distance you can take to be able to safely return to your starting position.

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