Electreon- Charging EVs On-The-Go!

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Electreon is a company that has come up with a charging solution that can charge an EV on-the-go. They are trying to address the critical issue of EV charging, as owners have to constantly keep a lookout for the amount of remaining battery in their vehicles.

The Israel-based company is currently at work to make the world’s first electrified road. A road that can charge a variety of electric vehicles while they are traveling on it.

The current road is being built in the city of Tel Aviv in Israel. It will stretch 1.2 miles (~ 2 km), from the University to the train station. And can charge any type of electric vehicle on-the-go, without any physical tethering.

If Electreon, can make this project successful, they plan to extend the road further into the city as it will mark the end of charging stations for the EVs. In turn, it will make charging your EV easier than ever.

To make the charging solution work, Electreon is using coils. They are taking these coils and installing them under the ground to power the electric vehicles. Once these coils are under the road, it can send electrical signals to the “receivers” that the EVs already come with.

The company can install coils for two-thirds of a mile in one night. So, developing these roads can take much less time than one can imagine.

Many major companies like Kia Motors and BMW took the necessary steps to improve EV charging but this company has a better way to charge up the vehicles that to On-The-Go!

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