Sungrow Played A Big Role In China’s Largest Solar-Plus-Storage Project

China’s largest solar-plus-storage project has been connected to the grid— it’s a 2,200 MW (2.2 GW) project. Sungrow, the #1 suppliers of inverters for renewable energy projects, shared the news of the new record. Along with Huanghe Hydropower Development, Sungrow had a big hand in the project.


Alongside the massive 2.2 GW solar PV park, there’s a 202.86 MW/202.86 MWh energy storage plant. Getting all of that electricity out of the vicinity and onto the broader grid presents its own challenges, and that’s where a 800kV ultra-high voltage power line comes in.

Sungrow offers its PV and energy storage portfolio coming with an embedded sub-array energy management function that can be used to control the output of solar and storage, allowing for improved accuracy of solar generation forecasts.

They claim to be “the world’s most bankable inverter brand,” and they back this claim with a stunning 120+ GW worth of the tech installed in more than 120 countries, which gives the company a market share of more than 15% worldwide.

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