RLG India Is Aiming To Tackle The Growing e-Waste Problem

Reverse Logistics Group (RLG), a leading global service provider of comprehensive reverse logistics solutions launched its flagship campaign ‘Clean to Green’ in May 2020 and will be running till March 2021.


The campaign aimed at creating awareness and sensitizing consumers on responsible disposal of electronics and safe practices for recycling by partnering with responsible organizations.

RLG’s Clean to Green campaign saw great success Over the last 3 years; reached people in 25 states & 6 UT’s, outreaching stakeholders in the sphere of Schools, College, RWA’s, Office Clusters, Retailers, Bulk Consumers and Informal Sector.

A total of 2,210 activities were conducted across India, the campaign reached out to 22,21,406 individuals.

The Clean to Green campaign has collaborated with the electronics industry and corporate bodies to ensured responsible disposal and recycling of e-waste in India.

This innovative and comprehensive take back solution have driven return of products from manufacturers and distributors and facilitated multiple cycles of use.

The manufacturers/brands associated with RLG India are

All e-waste is sent to contracted, trained and licensed e-waste treatment centers in India which meet stringent standards, including health, safety and environmental aspects.

The recyclers are government and ISO14001 certified and have been audited by CIERP’s general contractor RLG.

RLG’s audit protocol is based on state-of-the-art industry standards and built on experience from many different countries including Germany and the United States of America.

Clean to Green covers all product types of the Clean India Electronics Recycling Platform (CIERP) member manufacturers CIERP is a program that provides producers with a sustainable, reliable and efficient option to comply with the extended producer obligations.

They make sure that the entire products, including all components and accessories are safely dismantled, components and materials sorted by type and sent to further treatment in dedicated end treatment facilities.

This a Businesswire Feed; edited by Clean-Future Team