IIT Delhi

IIT Delhi Develops Solar Power Interface Capable EV Charger

IIT Delhi

IIT Delhi researchers at the Smart Grid Lab have developed a truly modular, scalable, and environmentally friendly electric vehicle (EV) charging station with an in-built solar photovoltaic interface capability.

This is a multi-functional charger of 20 kW, with the capability of charging a wide range of EVs like cars, three-wheelers and two-wheelers.

One of the prominent features, which is incorporated in the IIT Delhi developed EV charger is the solar interface capability. Solar photovoltaic panels can now be used, which can assist the charger.

In future, the solar panels’ capacity can be increased and finally a totally green EV charger can be built that can act as an independent infrastructure not taking any power from the conventional grid.

The charging current can also be modulated based on the grid frequency, which allows a more stable operation leading to a reduction in grid failure.

The charger operators can purchase a 2 kW charger and scale-up depending on their financial capability and demand. The charging power in the IIT Delhi charger can be increased in increments of 2 kW, starting at 2 kW up to a maximum of 20 kW.

The charger’s output current can be controlled remotely based on the grid load. A user interface in the platform allows the charger operator to control the current going into the EV.

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