Flatheads Aurea – India’s Very Own Natural Bamboo Based Sneakers

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Indian D2C footwear brand, Flatheads, launched its new collection of all-day sneakers named Aurea. First, of its kind in India, the Aurea range is made with natural bamboo uppers. The collection is exclusively available on its website.

The new release puts Flatheads on the map with a select few of the world’s brands making bamboo sneakers, such as Baubax and Cariuma.

While most of these brands are difficult to source in India without burning a hole in your pocket, the premium bamboo sneakers from Flatheads are moderately priced.

The brand proudly touts its new range as “Made in India for the world”, emphasizing the fact that they are the first Indian brand making world-class sneakers with bamboo uppers.

The bamboo range, named Aurea, is designed to stay cool on the feet and is perfect for India’s tropical climate. Moreover, the bamboo fibre also lends its antimicrobial properties to the uppers, making them great for all-day wear, for over 14 hours at a stretch.

The Aurea range, much like Flatheads’ other limited-edition collections, is designed to be minimalistic, modern and elegant, in order to blend in easily with its audience’s ever-evolving wardrobe.

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