ALPHAA EV Launches EV Chargers – An Important Component Of EV Ecosystem

India is seeing an unprecedented growth in the electric vehicle (EV) sector but in order to sustain this momentum we need supporting EV infrastructure that will help in smooth transition by installing confidence in the buyers.


EV chargers and stations are one such important component of this ecosystem. Electric vehicles will only be lucrative to their potential buyers when their insecurity of going out of power and getting stranded in the middle of nowhere is addressed.

And that’s where ALPHAA EV charging company comes in. Based in a business hub like Pune, ALPHAA EV recently launched a range of AC Electric Vehicle Chargers on India’s 75th Independence Day after rigorously testing and researching on the EV chargers for 6 months.

The company also have plans for expansion into fast charging segment in the coming year. They have an in-house dedicated R&D Team and a 6000 Sq Ft workshop to address the need and demand for EV charging solutions.

Furthermore, the products have a futuristic and rugged design, to ensure the long life of the equipment.

The chargers are also weather-resistant and waterproof considering the frequent climatic changes in India. Additionally, the products are IoT enabled and remotely controllable to allow convenience to the users.

ALPHAA EV chargers support a revenue generation model even for those who don’t have a electric vehicle.

So as a business owner if one has a store or a restaurant or land, installing an EV charger will provide them with a decent side income. Additionally, it’ll attract more potential customers to their business at the behest of charging their EVs hence giving a twofold advantage.

It can be easily located via GPS, helping the drivers conveniently land to the charger.

This is a PR Newswire Feed; edited by Clean-Future Team