TG Solar Pumps

TG Solar Pump’s Innovation – Solar On Wheels For Farmers

Many farmers in rural regions who require energy for day-to-day labor are hesitant to install solar panels since installing them in the field attracts the attention of miscreants, resulting in the panels being stolen or destroyed.

TG Solar Pumps

To overcome this issue, TG Solar Pumps devised a novel approach. They fitted panels to a trolley that can be fastened to a farmer’s tractor and transported to and from the fields to prevent theft.

In 2019, TG Solar Pumps refined the design on the third try and commercially released the device. The gadgets are available in two sizes and include solar panels that generate 2 HP and 10 HP of power. The size of the trolley can be customized according to the user’s requirements.

Aside from selling Trolley Solar Panels by word of mouth, TG Solar Pumps also performed internet marketing through their website and showed the gadget at trade shows.

The company has supplied over 2,000 trolleys to farmers in India and also offers one year of free service. Their gadgets start at Rs 48,000 and go up from there, depending on the user’s customization.

Currently the company is working on developing a trolley that can be pulled by a bike, which can be beneficial for farmers who do not own tractors.

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