Mitsubishi Investigates Recycling Plastic To Produce Green Hydrogen

Hydrogen Utopia and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries have agreed to investigate the potential of creating green hydrogen from waste plastics in Japan, expanding the circular economy idea while assuring energy decarbonization and security.


Mitsubishi will investigate Distributed Modular Generation technology created by UK business Powerhouse Energy to convert waste plastic into hydrogen, which has signed into a partnership with Hydrogen Utopia for the global commercialization of its technology in September 2021. Both the parties will examine the technology for a year as part of the agreement and analyze its potential for commercialization in Japan.

According to the statement, if the technology is suitable for usage and commercialization in Japan, Mitsubishi and Hydrogen Utopia will need to enter into new agreements.

For the last 40 years, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries has spearheaded the development of environmentally friendly technologies in Japan; this agreement is simply another step toward the country’s goal of being carbon-neutral.

The agreement was signed at a time when Japan is embarking on a number of program targeted at obtaining hydrogen and growing domestic production in order to decarbonize its industries.

Japan is a highly industrialized nation, and an efficient hydrogen economy may increase energy security, industrial competitiveness, and the reduction of carbon emissions. They had announced the Basic Hydrogen Strategy in 2017, becoming one of the first nations to establish a national hydrogen framework.

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