Eco-Friendly Voting Booths Awaited Goa Voters In 2022

On Monday — voting day, which also happened to be Valentine’s Day — voters were greeted by eco-friendly booths at the government primary school in Karaswada, Goa with palm fronds fashioned into the form of a huge heart.


On this election day, the Karaswada polling station was one of ten green voting stations located across the Goa state. Not only was the décor at these eco-friendly stations made completely of biodegradable materials, but it was also created by traditional artists from Goa’s interiors.


Each of the green voting booths had a distinctive design, with some even including eco-friendly selfie stations.

The chief electoral officer’s staff collaborated with the Goa state biodiversity board (GSBB) to complete these environmentally friendly crafts, and authorities now want to expand the number of such booths for the next elections.

Instead of synthetic carpets, coir mats were utilized. Additionally, voting booth employees received clay jugs and glasses. While the bamboo trays and waste bins were purchased from state government handicraft stores, the remainder of the décor was handcrafted by local artists just for election day.

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