Salient energy

Salient Energy Begins Zinc-ion Battery Trials For Residential Energy Storage

Salient Energy, a zinc-ion battery manufacturer, has teamed with Horton World Systems (HWS), one of America’s top residential and commercial building builders, to deliver household energy storage to up to 200,000 clients.

Salient Energy

Salient Energy’s zinc-ion batteries include no lithium, cobalt, or nickel, making them resistant to war events (Ukraine-Russia) or fears that a single country (China) controls crucial minerals.

The zinc and manganese utilized in these Salient Energy batteries are sourced from North American suppliers. In addition, the risk of fire is eliminated. The manufacturing process generates 66% less greenhouse gas emissions than the lithium-ion battery production technique. And, of course, they are less expensive.

The device works in conjunction with household solar panels and allows clients to unplug from the grid during outages.

HWS will host the first field demonstration of Salient’s zinc-ion storage system and qualify the system for installation in its planned construction of over 200,000 new homes. 

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