Solar Gardens

With Solar Gardens Everyone Can Now Participate In Clean Energy Revolution

Australia is known across the world for having the greatest rate of household rooftop solar installation. However, more than 30% of Australians are unable to install solar panels on their rooftops! The Solar Garden is a solution for individuals who are unable to get solar energy.

solar garden

The concept of a ‘Solar Garden’ is similar to that of a community garden, except that instead of giving a garden plot for vegetables you can’t produce at home, a solar garden develops solar plots off site and then credits members’ power bills with solar credits.

The Community Power Agency (CPA) is promoting this garden. The Haystacks Solar Garden, a solar solution for renters and apartment residents, is now available! The deadline to purchase a plot is September 30th.

There are still over 200 solar garden plots available from a total of 333 till September 30, 2022. Each plot contains 3kW of solar panels and costs $4200. The owner will then receive a $505 credit every year for the next ten years, which is comparable to a Feed in Tariff of 12c/kWh.

CPA has teamed up with Pingala, Komo Energy, and electricity retailer is Energy Locals to provide a citizen lead energy provision.

These gardens will provide access to distributed clean energy for individuals who rent or live in an apartment, everybody may now join in the renewables revolution!

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