StoreDot’s New ‘100in5’ Cells Pass OEM Durability Test

For years, we’ve been hearing about incredible battery designs and chemistries. Solid-state batteries that last virtually forever, insane miles added in 5-10 minutes, and even flow designs that allow you to fill a battery like an ICE car.

But we never hear about any of these dramatically superior batteries being used in a production electric vehicle (EV). As a result, we at Clean Future have begun to be cautious of battery technology promises. We don’t cover most hypothetical tales since they don’t always turn out.

Fortunately, a recent press release from StoreDot provides us with some credible information.

StoreDot’s ‘100in5’ Cells Pass OEM Durability Test

StoreDot, which bills itself as the “pioneer of ultra rapid charging battery technology for electric vehicles,” has put its money where its mouth is by producing cells with more than 1000 cycles in a production-ready EV form factor.

StoreDot’s new high energy density cells are being tested by worldwide car OEM partners in pouch packaging. The cells deliver on the claimed ‘100in5’ EV performance, allowing drivers to charge 100 miles of range in 5 minutes.

The ‘100in5’ cells from StoreDot were regularly charged from 10% to 80% capacity in ten minutes, then discharged for one hour. They repeated this 1000 times before observing any decline below the original 80% capacity level.

In fact, within the first 600 cycles where the cells were fast-charged between 10 and 80% consecutively, no degradation occurred at all. The company is now targeting to deliver 100 miles of range after just 2 minutes of charge within 10 years.

The latest tests represent a landmark not just for StoreDot, but also for the global battery industry and the entire sustainable mobility ecosystem.

This is a Globe PR Newswire Feed; researched and edited by Clean-Future Team