For Now Tesla's "Full Self-Driving" Installations Have Been Fully Stopped

For Now Tesla’s “Full Self-Driving” Installations Have Been Fully Stopped

Tesla, controlled by Elon Musk, has halted all new installations of its contentious “Full Self-Driving” software after federal authorities considered it a “crash risk.”


Anybody who has purchased the $15,000 FSD add-on but has not yet installed it — even if they have recently done so — will be unable to use the advanced assisted driving option until the business releases a software update.

In the meanwhile, those who have the FSD beta can continue to use it, but they won’t likely see any additional features until the firm has reached an agreement with authorities.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration judged the function to be a severe safety risk, prompting Tesla to recall more than 360,000 FSD-enabled vehicles.

Translation: the car is driving through intersections when the light is yellow and changing its speed without driver permission, which along with the other listed issues are both no bueno.

There’s no knowing how long it will take Tesla to update its firmware to get the FSD beta back on track, but while we wait, we’re likely to see irate fanboys venting online 😉

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