BrightNight Will Invest $1 Billion On Green Energy In India

BrightNight Will Invest $1 Billion On Green Energy In India

With a commitment to sustainable energy, BrightNight aims to establish 2 GW of renewable energy capacity in India over the next 4-5 years. This ambitious initiative requires a total investment of $1 billion, with $250 million being contributed as equity capital by the company. Join us in our mission to transform the energy landscape and create a brighter future for generations to come.

BrightNight is innovating elegant and persuasive hybrid wind-solar projects with precisely balanced energy storage, ensuring round-the-clock operation.


BrightNight Global boasts a remarkable pipeline of 23 GW spread across the globe, with a significant portion of 3 GW located in the Asia Pacific region encompassing India, Bangladesh, Philippines and Australia.

India, given its vast expanse and magnitude, has received a generous allocation of 2 GW. With work already underway on 1.2 GW in three states, it is evident that the company is committed to delivering on the promises.

The first project is coming up in Maharashtra, with a whopping investment of approximately Rs 800 crore. The project is primarily funded by debt, constituting 75% of the overall investment. The state-of-the-art 100 MW co-located wind-solar hybrid renewable power project, Optima, is set to be commissioned early next year.

With the implementation of the BrightNight’s hybrid facility, a significant portion of the grid power can be replaced – up to 80%. Moreover, it can lead to remarkable savings on energy bills, up to 25% annually. By taking advantage of this innovative technology, one can both reduce carbon footprint and enjoy excellent financial benefits at the same time.

The organization has meticulously designed comparable hybrid renewable energy initiatives in Gujarat and Rajasthan, with an additional installation of 100 MW in Maharashtra in the near future.

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