New Technology Will Use Desalinated Seawater For Green Hydrogen Production

Green hydrogen company Ohmium has formed a strategic partnership with Aquastill, a leader in membrane distillation technology. The collaboration will allow Ohmium to utilize desalinated seawater in their production of green hydrogen.

This new method of combining modular desalination units will make it easier to produce cost-effective green hydrogen, such as by placing PEM electrolyzers near offshore wind farms so as to create green hydrogen at-source.


Aquastill uses the leftover heat from Ohmium’s electrolyzers to power its technology, and the membrane distillation process also helps in cooling the electrolyzer. The waste heat membrane-based distillation process for desalination requires very little energy compared to other methods. These advanced modules are designed to be easily transported and can provide clean water in various locations.

The combination of Ohmium’s advanced PEM electrolyzers and Aquastill’s membrane distillation technology offers an excellent opportunity to extend the positive influence of green hydrogen production to various sectors.

The two companies have already started experimenting with integrating their technologies and are optimistic about their ability to generate cost-effective green hydrogen from seawater. Additionally, their efforts will contribute to reducing carbon emissions from businesses operating in coastal areas.

This is a Globe PR Newswire Feed; Edited by Clean-Future Team