Retractable Solar Roofs

Retractable Solar Roofs: The Key To Sustainable EV Charging

Dhp Technology, a solar roof developer, is working on creating advanced EV charging stations. These stations, equipped with Dhp’s retractable solar roofs called HORIZON, will be placed along 45 roadsides.

The solar panels are lightweight, making them easier to move and reducing the need for vertical supports. This allows the panels to fold in an accordion shape without compromising the stability of the solar roof.

The HORIZON solar roof, developed by Dhp Technology in Switzerland, aims to solve the problem of snowfall covering solar panels. This innovative design not only addresses the challenges faced in Switzerland but also has the potential to revolutionize EV charging technology globally.

Dhp was able to make their PV panels lighter by increasing the spacing between support structures. They achieved this by creating a new type of solar cell design that does not use any glass. This new design is also more environmentally friendly as it requires 50% less material for construction compared to traditional panels.

The glass-free panels are designed in modules to allow for extension and retraction as needed. Image used courtesy of Dhp Technology

The ability to move roofs could have additional benefits, such as addressing the problem of shade and obstacles blocking solar panels. This is particularly important for solar charging stations, as they need to be located away from shaded areas but this limits their potential locations.

By utilizing AI and IoT sensors, engineers could potentially develop a solar roof that can automatically adjust its position. This would optimize energy collection by adapting to weather conditions and obstacles throughout the day.

Solar Roof
The retractable HORIZON solar roof by Dhp Technology is a significant development in solar EV charging as it addresses the problem of snowfall blocking solar panels, which is a global challenge. This is just one example of the various advancements that are shaping the future of solar-powered EV charging.

This unique solar roof technology enhances the convenience and environmental friendliness of EV charging. By incorporating solar roofs into charging stations, there is a constant source of power, alleviating any worries consumers may have about charging availability in comparison to traditional fuel options.

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