RecycLiCo’s Recycled Lithium Performs As Strongly As “Virgin” Lithium

RecycLiCo has developed a patented process to regenerate lithium carbonate from recycled battery waste. C4V has confirmed that the quality of the recycled lithium is comparable to that of newly produced lithium.


C4V, a lithium-ion battery technology company based in New York, has achieved outstanding test results through its qualification program. This program focuses on developing advanced storage materials suitable for large-scale solutions like Gigafactories.

RecycLiCo is using their patented methods to extract lithium carbonate from discarded batteries, which is then converted into cathode material and incorporated into battery cells. The tested battery cell exhibited excellent capacity and stability during cycle testing.

C4V’s rigorous standards confirmed that RecycLiCo’s recycled lithium is comparable to freshly mined lithium, positioning the company as a leader in sustainable battery material manufacturing.

C4V has successfully tested and approved the RecycLiCo NMC811 precursor cathode active material for use in cell production. The next phase of testing will involve creating both pouch cells and commercial-sized prismatic cells using RecycLiCo’s lithium carbonate and pCAM.

The increasing demand for lithium cannot be met solely through mining, and this study shows that recycled lithium will soon be seen as more valuable than lithium obtained through mining.

Traditional v/s C4V Process

Securing this validation will help the company achieve a future where they not only recycle batteries, but also completely transform the production process, resulting in a fully integrated and on-site battery lifecycle.

Reference- Clean Technica, Popular Science, Interesting Engineering