Real People, Real Danger: Tesla's Risky Autopilot Development

Real People, Real Danger: Tesla’s Risky Autopilot Development

Lukasz Krupski, a former Tesla employee and whistleblower, has spoken out in an interview with the BBC, claiming that Tesla’s Autopilot system is unsafe on public roads and could potentially endanger other drivers, passengers, and pedestrians.

Earlier this year, Krupski leaked information about company’s Autopilot system with a German newspaper Handelsblatt, claiming that Tesla did not meet safety standards for autonomous driving. His remarks bring attention to a controversial discussion about the utilization of advanced driver assistance technologies such as Autopilot in public settings.

Tesla has been criticized for misleading the public about its advanced driver features, which could make drivers believe they have more control over the vehicle than they actually do. Despite being named “Autopilot,” drivers are still expected to remain attentive and ready to assume control of the vehicle if necessary.

However, in spite of numerous crashes and near accidents, CEO Elon Musk remains unfazed and claims that Tesla has the most superior real-world AI. This statement comes amid federal prosecutors scrutinizing the feature’s involvement in these incidents.

However, it is uncertain if “the best” means being safe. Krupski’s allegations as a whistleblower, although disliked by Musk and his followers, align with independent reports on Tesla’s Autopilot, which highlight concerning incidents and crashes.

The main concern is how much longer this situation will continue. As companies prioritize introducing “self-driving” capabilities, they appear to be neglecting safety and ethical considerations.

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