Design Flaw: Cybertruck Covers Damage Tires

Tesla caused a lot of excitement and attention with the unique and unexpected design of their highly anticipated Cybertruck, which had faced numerous delays. The final consumer version of the truck made a daring design choice by incorporating aerodynamic tires and hexagonal wheel covers.

However, a new video from Tsportline, a Tesla customization shop, discovered that the close-fitting covers on the Tesla truck’s tires are causing significant wear on the rubber. This is disappointing for fans who had waited for a long time and have spend a lot of money on the truck.

In order to cool the brakes, Tesla had to leave a small space between the cover and the tire for air circulation. Initially, it appeared that the electric vehicle manufacturer had made a mistake, as a cover on a Cybertruck came off while it was being driven on a highway, as seen in a video from September.

Tsportline has discovered that Tesla made another mistake in underestimating the gap between the cover and the wheel of Cybertruck, while trying to make it fit tightly. The weight on the tires causes them to expand, which leads to the sharp edges of the aero wheel cover coming into contact with the tire.

Even though Tesla tried to fix the problem by using rubber-tipped covers, Tsportline still observed that the tire’s sidewall was being worn down by the aero cover after driving the vehicle for a few thousand miles.

Users on the Cybertruck Owners Club forum have recently noticed that their vehicles are being shipped without covers.

One user received a message from Tesla saying that they will be sending a technician to install caps on their vehicle on February 1st. However, Tesla is currently investigating all the covers and will not be delivering the caps until March.

In summary, this points out a significant design flaw that exposes the challenges faced by the electric vehicle manufacturer in bringing their innovative pickup truck to the market and the sacrifices they had to make in order to achieve it. This is not a good image, especially considering how expensive the truck is.

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