Tesla Cybertruck Deliveries on Hold Due to Pedal Issue

Tesla has hit a roadblock with its futuristic Cybertruck. Deliveries have reportedly been halted due to a concerning issue with the vehicle’s accelerator pedal.

Social media footage captured a Tesla Cybertruck owner encountering a frightening scenario. The metal cover of the accelerator pedal detached and became lodged in the footwell, forcing the pedal to remain stuck in the fully depressed position. “It held the accelerator down 100 percent, full throttle,” the user¬†reported.

Despite regaining control by applying the brakes, the owner reported the truck would lurch forward again upon releasing the brake. This incident underscores a significant safety hazard, especially considering the Cybertruck’s rapid acceleration (0-60 mph in 3 seconds).

Independent sources corroborate the delivery freeze. The “Whole Mars Catalog” social media account, known for its association with Tesla CEO Elon Musk, reported a seven-day pause in deliveries due to the pedal issue.

The Cybertruck’s journey has been riddled with production hiccups, including uneven body panels, shattered windows, steering malfunctions, and rust concerns. While some teething problems are expected for a first-generation vehicle, Tesla already faces scrutiny for quality control issues.

Further compounding matters, Tesla recently informed Cybertruck staff at its Austin factory about reduced work hours, following a sales decline. This news comes on the heels of reported layoffs at the automaker.

Tesla’s swift action in halting deliveries underscores the gravity of the accelerator pedal issue. A runaway 6,600-pound behemoth on public roads poses a clear and present danger.

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