Tesla Cybertruck: Pedal Confusion, And Now Gear Shifter Drama

Tesla Cybertruck: Pedal Confusion, And Now Gear Shifter Drama

The Tesla Cybertruck, a futuristic pickup truck that garnered immense initial interest, has faced a series of challenges since its late 2023 launch. These issues raise concerns about the truck’s overall quality and potentially rushed development.


One major issue involved the accelerator pedal, which could become stuck in a fully pressed position – a significant safety hazard. This resulted in a full vehicle recall impacting all delivered Cybertrucks (approximately 3,878 as of April 2024).

The problems extend beyond the recall. Reports have surfaced of the truck struggling with even minor inclines and sustaining damage during car washes.

Adding to the woes, a Cybertruck owner recently experienced a complete malfunction of the gear shifter assembly. This caused the entire assembly, including the attached visors, to detach from the vehicle’s massive windshield.

Tesla’s decision to mount the gear shifter on the windshield, requiring drivers to use a touchscreen for gear selection, has raised further questions. This design choice seems unconventional and potentially creates usability challenges.

The owner’s need for a windshield replacement, coupled with the prior accelerator pedal fix (riveting the cover to prevent sticking), highlights the potential for ongoing maintenance concerns.

THIS IS a clear design and engineering error! I can’t believe this! The issue with this design is the fact that the visors are one of the most used part in a car that takes the most amount of force! This will ALWAYS be a problem if they don’t change the design! This is bad pic.twitter.com/ne1ZYgLw3a— Cristina Balan (former Tesla engineer) – STOP Forced Arbitration (@CristinaIBalan) April 21, 2024

These issues suggest that the Cybertruck may have been rushed to market, potentially compromising quality control. Tesla’s bold design choices and material selections, while initially intriguing, appear to be causing problems in real-world situations.

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