Unlocking EV Potential With V2G Tech Demo In India

In a significant development for India’s clean energy sector, Tata Power Delhi Distribution Limited (Tata Power-DDL) signed a MoU with the India Smart Grid Forum (ISGF). The collaboration focuses on a pioneering Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) Technology Demonstration Project in North Delhi.

This V2G initiative delves into the two-way flow of energy between electric vehicles (EVs) and the power grid. The project will assess the potential of EVs to provide critical grid services like frequency and voltage regulation. It will also explore their viability as backup power sources during outages and analyze the environmental impact of bi-directional charging.

Looking ahead, the project aims to investigate how EVs can participate in the electricity market by storing power during off-peak hours and selling it back during peak demand periods. Additionally, it will assess the feasibility of charging EVs with clean energy sources.

This collaborative project advances sustainable energy with V2G tech showcase and commercial viability exploration.

Electric cars being used in Denmark that are equipped with the UD V2G technology.

Importantly, the project involves key stakeholders like the Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission, Central Electricity Authority, and Tata Motors in an observer capacity. The University of Delaware, USA, provides the V2G technology for the project. This collaborative approach aims to expedite the launch of V2G-compliant EVs in India and the development of supportive regulations.

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