In the United States, it is an excellent moment to be in the decarbonization industry. The Inflation Reduction Act, with its $374 billion in green incentives, subsidies, and grants, was intended to attract private enterprises to engage in the transition away from fossil fuels. Initial indications indicate that the IRAContinue Reading

oil & Gas

Turmoil and Transformation, DNV GL’s outlook report for the oil and gas industry, 2021 reveals that this industry plans to boost investment in the energy systems of the future as companies seek long-term transformation. A record two-thirds of senior oil and gas professionals say their organization is actively adapting toContinue Reading

Hydrogen Fuel Cell

Decarbonization of the passenger rail system is the new trend that’s catching up all around the world and ‘Hydrogen Fuel Cells’ seems to be the preferred choice for this transition. Electrification has been the weapon of choice for long but Installing new electric infrastructure on previously un-electrified routes ran intoContinue Reading

clean technology

To solve climate chaos, replacing a 150-year-old fossil fuel system with a gleaming electrical one in only 25 years will entail huge ecological consequences. Climate change is only one symptom of a larger problem: unsustainable resource usage on a finite world. Any imperfect answer to our current civilization-threatening situation mustContinue Reading

Suzlon, a provider of renewable energy solutions, said on Monday that Serentica Renewables, a platform devoted to decarbonization and pushing the energy transition for energy-intensive businesses, had placed a “significant” order for its 3 MW series of wind turbines. Serentica’s proposed 204 MW wind power project in Koppal, Karnataka, wouldContinue Reading


Concrete is used in the construction of houses, buildings, highways, freeways, bridges, walkways, water systems, dams, and other structures due to its unequaled strength, durability, adaptability, and low cost. It comes as no surprise that worldwide demand for cement, which hardens into concrete when combined with water and minerals, isContinue Reading

A Zero Emission Future Is Possible With Clean Electricity

To stabilize the climate, scientists agree that we must reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, such that any leftover carbon releases are balanced by carbon removal. While they characterize the approaches differently, there is surprising similarity in the underlying concepts for global decarbonization. The World Bank summarizes findings from modelsContinue Reading

seawing sail

Until the nineteenth century, when steam-driven propulsion replaced wind power, the worldwide maritime sector was zero-emission. The steam era was short-lived. As a result of the introduction of marine fuel oil in the 1930s, which pushed steam almost entirely out of the picture by the end of the twentieth century,Continue Reading