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Global Change Will Extend the Pollen Allergy Season

Climate Change Is Extending The Pollen Allergy Season

Spring comes allergy season for millions of individuals all over the world, when blossoming trees and plants emit allergen-inducing


New Irrefutable Data Links Drought With Climate Change

Droughts and floods are expected to grow more common and severe as our planet heats and climate changes, but

Nature's Clock

Nature’s Clock Has Been Disrupted By Climate Change

In nature, timing is everything. Every crucial biological activity, from the first notes of a songbird’s spring chorus to

Attribution Science Is Helping In Understanding The Impact Of Climate Change

Attribution Science Is Aiding In Understanding Climate Change

Attribution science, which is concerned with understanding the role of climate change versus natural weather patterns and climate variability,


Wetlands Can Protect Us From Climate Change

Wetlands include bogs, swamps, bayous, marshes, billabongs, fens, vernal pools, lagoons, and other waterlogged areas and woods. A wetland

Mill Industries

Mill Industries To Tackle Climate Change By Reusing Food Waste

Globally, almost one-third of the world’s food supply is lost or wasted — around 1.3 billion tons per year


NASA Will Use IBM’s AI To Interpret Climate Change Data

IBM and NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center have announced a partnership to employ IBM’s artificial intelligence (AI) technology to

Climate Change Is Causing Extreme Weather Events

With extreme weather occurrences breaking out all around the world, many people are wondering how climate change is impacting

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