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Sony Appears To Be Serious About Manufacturing An Electric Vehicle

Sony introduced the Vision-S electric concept automobile two years ago. They said that it was only an idea. There


Are Fires In Electric Vehicles A Common Occurrence?

Despite strong feelings that convinced a condominium organization in Colorado to prohibit electric vehicles (EVs) from parking in their

Electric Vehicle

Electric Vehicles Will Power Homes In Near Future!

In the coming years, electric vehicles might help power millions of houses simply by harvesting their battery capacity. Rather

Electric Vehicles

Charging Electric Vehicles In Just 5 Minutes Using This New Cable…

Charging electric vehicles is a tedious and unpleasant procedure even the finest vehicles under perfect circumstances need to be

battery fires

Battery Fires May Impact Electric Vehicle Adoption…

Ford, General Motors, and Hyundai are all battling battery fires in their electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles. A few


Foxconn Has Gotten The EV Making Bug Plans To Launch 3 Electric Vehicles

Foxconn (Hon Hai Technology Group), the Taiwanese firm best known for producing iPhones for Apple, staged a splashy corporate

solid-state battery

Solid-State Batteries Can Address Electric Vehicle Fires

Solid–state batteries not only have better energy densities and cheaper costs, but the major reason researchers all over the


Electric Vehicle Battery Materials Prices Have Skyrocketed…

Prices of battery materials have skyrocketed this year as electric vehicle (EV) demand jumps. Prices of lithium carbonate, used

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