tata power

Tata Power Delhi Distribution Ltd., which retails electricity to customers in New Delhi, is in talks with Delhi’s provincial government and the federal power ministry to get some of its contracted thermal power re-allocated to other states. It also plans to oppose any life time-extension plans for aging plants itContinue Reading

Researchers at the University of California, Santa Cruz, have created new solar panel technology they call Wavelength Selective Photovoltaic Systems. It uses part of the visible light spectrum to generate electricity while letting the rest of the light through to the plants growing inside. The results have been encouraging. WavelengthContinue Reading

Mukesh Ambani

The stock market is skeptical of Mukesh Ambani’s new-energy ambitions. Even Mr. Ambani has labelled it as one of the “most challenging” missions of his life. He committed $10 billion to sustainable energy and fuel in June 2021. Following India’s surprisingly bold pledge in December’21 to transition to non-fossil fuelsContinue Reading

India’s first green bond sale

The Indian government plans to sell its first green bonds at a ‘greenium,’ with yields lower than market rates, and has identified 400 billion rupees ($4.92 billion) in projects that may be supported with the profits. The government intends to raise 160 billion rupees through green bonds for the currentContinue Reading

Is Small Modular Reactor A Green Data Center Solution?

The energy-intensive data center business must shift away from traditional fossil energy sources and toward renewable or low-carbon energy sources in order to be more sustainable and minimize carbon footprints. Under such circumstances, will small modular reactors (SMRs) be a promising solution in the coming years? As the name implies,Continue Reading