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Mining Lithium Is An Option That Tesla Is Seriously Considering…

Electric vehicle (EV) manufacturers are currently facing a key challenge: the availability of rare minerals like lithium, cobalt etc.


Is Lithium Bottlenecks Really A Threat To EV Adoption?

As electric vehicle sales climb, the sector faces a slew of bottlenecks:- Ramping up manufacturing of batteries and the

Elon Musk

“Mr.Musk, Please Do Not Invest In Nickel Mining In Indonesia”

Numerous environmental and human rights organizations have written and co-signed an open letter to Tesla and its CEO Elon

Alsym Energy

Alsym Energy Will Introduce Non-Lithium Water-Based Batteries…

Since the first lithium-ion batteries were launched 30 years ago, their price has plummeted by 97 percent. However, they


PNNL Is “Magically” Mining Metals From Water

Scientists at the Department of Energy’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) are now collaborating with industry to evaluate a

Compass Minerals

Compass Minerals Convert Sustainable Lithium Brine To Battery-Grade Lithium Hydroxide

Compass Minerals has reported the successful conversion of its sustainable lithium brine deposit to lithium carbonate and battery-grade lithium


Biomining – An Eco-Friendly Way Of Recycling EV Batteries

Electric Vehicle (EV) batteries themselves only have a shelf life of eight to ten years. There are more than 1.4 billion


GM Is Hoping To Source Lithium Locally In US

The EV revolution will need a lot of lithium (Li) to make enough batteries to power all those electric

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