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Rotting Mass Of Sargassum Seaweed Threatens Beaches

A 10-million-pound blob is riding ocean currents toward Florida’s tip. The Great Atlantic Sargassum Belt, a 5,000-mile-long goopy mass


New Irrefutable Data Links Drought With Climate Change

Droughts and floods are expected to grow more common and severe as our planet heats and climate changes, but

Cooking Food In Most Energy Efficient Way!

Cooking Food In Most Energy Efficient Way!

According to a 2019 analysis from the Health Effects Institute, over half of the world’s population cooks using solid

Nature's Clock

Nature’s Clock Has Been Disrupted By Climate Change

In nature, timing is everything. Every crucial biological activity, from the first notes of a songbird’s spring chorus to

Attribution Science Is Helping In Understanding The Impact Of Climate Change

Attribution Science Is Aiding In Understanding Climate Change

Attribution science, which is concerned with understanding the role of climate change versus natural weather patterns and climate variability,

Air quality

99% Of World Population Breaths Dangerous Air

According to a large new research, 99 percent of the worldwide population — nearly everyone on the planet —

India Bracing For Heatwaves In 2023

India Is Bracing For Heatwaves In 2023

After registering the warmest February since 1901, India is bracing for scorching heatwaves. Last month, the country’s average temperature

Funko Pops Is Dumping $30 Million Worth Of Figurines

Funko Pops Is Dumping $30 Million Worth Of Figurines

As if drowning in a massive mound of plastic waste wasn’t bad enough. The firm behind Funko Pop souvenirs,

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