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waste age

Waste Age Can Come To An END, If We As A Society Demand…

Waste blurs the line between nature and society. Climate change has changed the weather, and plankton thousands of metres


Car Company Ads Will Have To Say ” Do Not Drive Cars”

France doesn’t want you to drive a car — and now it’s forcing auto companies to tell you not

green jobs

Educating for Green Jobs Can Speed Up Green Transition

Climate change is one of the most pressing issues of our generation. To transition from an extractive and degrading


Microplastics Are Responsible For Bowel Diseases

Globally, scientists have raised alarms about microplastics, small particles that have been discovered in the bodies of pregnant women,

climate change

United States Is Paying The Price Of Climate Change With Historic Storms

Climate change is being blamed for a series of historic storms that demolished houses, toppled vehicles and disrupted power

MeaTech 3D

MeaTech 3D Bio-Prints World’s Largest Lab-grown Steak

MeaTech 3D, an Israeli firm that specializes in lab-grown meat, has successfully bio-printed a 3.67-ounce steak made entirely of


MIT- Extinction Seems Inevitable For Human Race…

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) geophysics professor Daniel Rothman says we’re on the verge of a mass extinction, and


Extinction Seems To Be The Only Choice For Humanity…

Henry Gee, a palaeontologist and the editor of Nature, states this: “It is possible that our time on this

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