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Beautiful Plant Pots Upcycled Exclusively From E-Waste

EWA , the Bengaluru based company, behind the beautiful plant pots which are upcycled exclusively from e-waste. Along with

MahaMetro To Provide Last Mile Connectivity With E-Rickshaws

Kinetic Green Energy and Power Solutions signed an MoU with the MahaMetro to provide last mile connectivity with e-rickshaws to commuters. As part of this, MoU

Birds Eye Energy: First And Only ‘Duplex Solar Panel’ In India

Birds Eye Energy, a Hyderabad based company, has created a two-in-one or duplex solar panel that generates electricity and

A New EV Battery That Can Last 1 Million Miles

Tesla’s battery research partner has released a new paper on a battery cell that could last over 1 million

Manganese Dioxide-Zinc Batteries: A Indian Answer To Lithium Batteries

High voltages in Li-ion batteries have allowed it to capture the electric vehicle, mobile electronics and grid-storage markets. Li-ion

Convert Your Classic Beetle To Electric

Volkswagen announced that it had produced a complete electric drive conversion kit that transforms a classic gas-powered Beetle into

EcoFlow’s DELTA Battery: A Zero Carbon Alternative To Gasoline Generators

EcoFlow was founded in 2016 with the specific purpose of making gas-powered backup generators obsolete. This week, the company

BIS Certification: Delaying New Solar Module Tech & Increasing Project Cost

The Indian solar market has mostly been dominated by international module suppliers but due to the implementation of quality

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