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Panasonic To Offer EV Charging Services In India

Panasonic became the latest company to join an expanding list of global companies looking to gain early market share

Sustainable Alternatives To Cement

In many parts of the world, residential and commercial buildings are made of concrete and/or concrete blocks. But making

Climatecoin: First Carbon-Zero Cryptocurrency In The World

Carbon emissions are wreaking havoc on our environment, and one way the world is attempting to combat this problem

Akvo Atmospheric Water Systems: Creating Fresh Drinking Water Out Of Thin Air

Akvo Atmospheric Water Systems has been working since 2016 to design and manufacture a product which would utilize the

Continental Launches New Tire For Urban Electric Buses

Continental has launched a new tire optimized specifically for electric buses operating in urban environments. The new Conti Urban

Marut Drones: Helping Indian Solar Farms With Real Time Data

India, as a nation is trying to realize the potential of solar energy, as such, it becomes critical to

Addressing Planned Obsolescence And e-Waste With A Single Stroke

Planned obsolescence, or built-in obsolescence, in industrial design and economics is a policy of planning or designing a product

Energy-Efficient ‘Transparent Woods’-No More A Far Fetched Idea

In an era of glass and steel construction, wood may seem old-school. But now researchers say they have given

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