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An All Solid-State Lithium-ion Battery Is On Its Way…

Researchers at the Catholic University of Louvain in Belgium say they have discovered a new material they call LTPS

TATA Chemicals To Set Up 10-Gigawatt Lithium-ion Battery Plant

One of India’s largest chemical manufacturing companies — Tata Chemicals — announced plans to set up a lithium-ion battery

Where Are Solar Electric Vehicles Headed…

People are rightly skeptical of solar-electric vehicles. Getting electricity from the sun is a great thing for both the

Impossible Foods Is Trying Its Hands On Fishless Fish

First, there was the meatless burger. Soon we may have fishless fish. Impossible Foods, the meatless meat company behind

An AI Glass Without Sensors, Circuits, Or Power Source

Scientists from the University of Wisconsin–Madison have found a way to create artificially intelligent glass that can recognize images

ABB To Exit Solar Inverter Business

Switzerland-headquartered ABB and Italian company FIMER have signed an agreement under which FIMER will acquire ABB’s solar inverter business.

Tesla Is Developing Battery Cells in A Secret Lab

According to CNBC, Tesla is poised to create its own battery cells and that the firm is currently building

A Device With No Moving Parts Can Create 220ºC And More…

Outside the temperature is below freezing but inside a device created by researchers at MIT, the temperature is 220º

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