Renewable energy is growing faster than any other form of power, more than 8 percent annually for the past 6 years. This is happening in nearly every country, and for the same reason: renewables are increasingly cost competitive. It has entered into a “virtuous cycle” meaning that the growth in demand forContinue Reading

wild fires

A team of researchers from the University of East Anglia in the UK say that an analysis of 57 peer-reviewed papers corroborates that climate change is indeed making wildfires worse globally. According to the new analysis, climate change is making wildfires more severe and frequently, thanks to frequent heatwaves and droughts.Continue Reading

Solar energy is touted as clean, however, a study by Environmental Progress (EP) warns that toxic waste from solar panels now poses a global environmental threat. Fueled partly by billions in government incentives, the industry is creating millions of solar panels each year and, in the process, millions of poundsContinue Reading

All Solutions To Stop Climate Change Exist Today...But The Will

The evidence that people are driving climate change, which will have disastrous repercussions for life on Earth, is overwhelming. Experts began warning about global warming in 1979, a trend now known as climate change, which includes not only rising average temperatures but also extreme weather events, shifting wildlife populations andContinue Reading


Flygskam is a Swedish term for the feeling of being ashamed to fly. The word was coined in 2017 as part of a movement to transform the way we travel, from flight frequency to aircraft technology. The objective is to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, which scientists believe may triple byContinue Reading