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Is Lithium Bottlenecks Really A Threat To EV Adoption?

As electric vehicle sales climb, the sector faces a slew of bottlenecks:- Ramping up manufacturing of batteries and the


Enovix Ships Commercial 3D Silicon™ Lithium-ion Batteries

Enovix announced the development of BrakeFlow™ (BrakeFlow), their 3D Silicon™ lithium-ion batteries, in March 2022. The technique is an

Alsym Energy

Alsym Energy Will Introduce Non-Lithium Water-Based Batteries…

Since the first lithium-ion batteries were launched 30 years ago, their price has plummeted by 97 percent. However, they

lithium-ion Battery

Lithium Batteries That Work Even In Sub-Zero Temperatures…

When temperatures drop below freezing, cellphones require regular charging, and electric vehicles have lower ranges. This is because the

Mangrove Lithium

Mangrove Lithium Receives Lead Investment From BMW i Ventures

BMW i Ventures announced today a lead investment in Mangrove Lithium‘s Series A-1 fundraising round, a feedstock-flexible modular platform


Group14 Raises $400 Million For Silicon-Lithium Battery From Porsche AG

Porsche AG, which has just enhanced its electric credentials by heading a $400 million Series C investment round from

organic battery

Metal-free Organic Lithium-ion Battery Gets Closer To Reality

Tohoku University and UCLA researchers collaborated to make substantial progress toward high-voltage metal-free lithium-ion batteries that employ croconic acid,

lithium mining

Mining Lithium Is An Option That Tesla Is Seriously Considering…

Electric vehicle (EV) manufacturers are currently facing a key challenge: the availability of rare minerals like lithium, cobalt etc.

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