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An Eco-Friendly Alternative To Lithium Ion Batteries: Sodium Ion Batteries

There are chemical similarities between Lithium and Sodium that suggest sodium-ion batteries could be a low cost — and

Sustainable Battery Materials

Searching For A Sustainable Battery Material

With the widespread use of electronic gadgets and electric cars, sustainable battery materials are in high demand, and sodium

lithium mining

Mining Lithium Is An Option That Tesla Is Seriously Considering…

Electric vehicle (EV) manufacturers are currently facing a key challenge: the availability of rare minerals like lithium, cobalt etc.

Sodium-metal batteries (SMBs)

New Sodium Metal Battery Based on Seaweed Separator

One of the most potential high-energy and low-cost energy storage devices for the next generation of large-scale applications is

Reliance Industries

Reliance Industries Is Looking For Land To Build 100 GW Of Solar Capacity…

Reliance Industries is building a gigawatt-scale solar power business and is looking for land to build 100  gigawatts of


Reliance Buys LFP Battery Company For USD 61 Million

Reliance New Energy Limited (“Reliance”) has signed formal agreements to purchase practically all of the assets of Lithium Werks

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