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World’s First Pigs Cloned Entirely By Robot!

In China, a completely automated pig cloning method is now available, and it appears to function well. In fact,

AVINYA Concept

Tata Launches AVINYA Concept- The Next Gen Electric Cars

Tata Passenger Electric Mobility (TPEM) today made a grand entrance into the next generation of electric cars with the


Gridware Raises $5.3 Million To Work On Wildfire Prevention Technology

Gridware, the California-based wildfire prevention technology company, has announced that it raised $5.3 million in a seed round. The


Samsung Is Upcycling Smartphones Into Healthcare Devices

Samsung Electronics is recycling its old Galaxy smartphones into healthcare equipment for under-served people in India, Morocco, Vietnam and


Fasal’s Precision Farming IoT Devices Are Saving Billion Liters Of Water

From preventing mildew before its arrival to conserving water, Fasal’s devices are helping farmers adopt new ways. According to

Artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence Predictive Capability Is A Boon For Renewable

Major disruption to the electricity sector is on the cards as governments ramp up renewables and transition away from

climate connect

Climate Connect Goes To ReNew Power

ReNew Power has signed a definitive pact to acquire Regent Climate Connect Knowledge Solutions Pvt Ltd (Climate Connect), a


Tesla’s Pseudo-Lidar Achieves Lidar Accuracy

Tesla’s progress with artificial intelligence and neural nets has propelled its Autopilot and Full Self Driving solutions to the

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