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Climate Change

Climate Change – The Different Futures That Lie Ahead…

Climate change is the gradual alteration of long-term weather patterns. However, it is fast escalating as a result of


COP26 – The Missing $100 Billion Climate Adaptation Fund

On Saturday, COP26, the long-awaited United Nations climate summit in Scotland, finished with almost all 200 nations agreeing to

emission free

Cutting Of Emissions Voluntarily Is The New Trend Amongst Indian Enterprises

According to the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi), a global partnership that helps corporations establish climate objectives, as many

Pesticide-intensive Agriculture

Pesticide-intensive Agriculture Is Killing All Of Us…

Pesticide-intensive agriculture has become a norm in the world. United States alone consumed more than a billion pounds (1,000,000,000


InfluenceMap Report – Oil Companies Are Lobbying To Stop Clean Energy Transition

Transitioning to a renewable energy future in line with the Paris Agreement will remain exceedingly difficult unless nations take


Gaia May Rise Up and Kill Humanity…

James Lovelock, a prominent environmentalist, has long thought that the Earth self-regulates like a living thing. His Gaia hypothesis,


Double Standards At COP26 – Leaders Flying In Private Jets

On Sunday, the United Nations’ climate change meeting named COP26, opened in Glasgow, Scotland. Some of the world’s most

fossil fuel industry

Even In 2020 Fossil Fuel Industry Is Still Receiving $5.9 Trillion In Subsidies :-(

According to the latest IMF analysis, the fossil fuel industry will receive $5.9 trillion in direct and indirect subsidies

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