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A Novel Plant-Based Energy Storage Device For Charging EVs

In a new study, researchers at Texas A&M University have described their novel plant-based energy storage device that could

strata solar

Strata Solar Is Building Peaker Plant With Tesla-Powered Energy Storage

Strata Solar announced this week it has completed the pre-construction development work on one of the largest stationary energy

glass battery

New Glass Battery = 3X Lithium Battery Power

A patent application for a ‘new glass battery’ has been submitted by a team headed by John Goodenough the

European Energy Storage Growth Down, Due To State Apathy – Not Coronavirus

According to the European Association for Storage of Energy (Ease), Europe’s energy storage boom stalled last year due to

energy storage

Future Of Energy Storage: Uneaten Fruit Biowaste

A team of Australian engineers is looking in an unusual place for the future of energy storage: uneaten fruit

European Utilities Begin Investing In Energy Storage

European utilities have began investing in the region’s relatively new energy storage market over the past two years according

‘Energy Storage Market’ To Attract $1.2 trillion In Investments

Energy storage has already begun to unlock the full potential of wind and solar energy, and it’s happening faster

Liquid Metal Flow Battery Optimized For Energy Storage

Flow batteries are considered prime candidates for grid scale energy storage. In a flow battery, two liquids — one

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