Porsche’s Regenerative Braking Increases Range By An Impressive 30%!

Porsche Group experts are working on innovative braking force distribution technologies to enable effective recuperation without sacrificing comfort for electric vehicles. The lack of a bigger braking system provides for improved driving dynamics without sacrificing range owing to the additional weight or size of this component. The Porsche Taycan isContinue Reading

Texas Instruments

This week, Texas Instruments debuted its newest battery cell and battery pack management technologies at CES 2023. According to the business, its new battery management system (BMS) products might enhance an electric vehicle’s range by up to 20%. According to the business, its new vehicle battery cell and pack monitorsContinue Reading

Temperature Affects Electric Car Range, Charging, & Performance

Temperature, range, and charging are all intertwined. Why? Chemical reactions, in general, occur quicker at greater temperatures. Recurrent just released a full description of the relationship between temperature, charge, and range. Notice anything interesting? Every electric car on that table has shorter range when the temperature lowers, thus EV driversContinue Reading

Tesla Semis' Range Is Reduced Drastically When Hauling Heavy Cargo

Tesla began delivering trucks to customers this month, five years after first displaying the Semi vehicle to the public. However, the firm has been particularly silent about the vehicle since, refusing to discuss the truck’s weight capacity when fully loaded, its pricing, or when the rest of Tesla’s customers wouldContinue Reading

Electric F-150 Lightning

It’s common knowledge that cold weather is bad for lithium-ion batteries in electric cars like the Ford F-150 Lightning. “Temperatures below 40°F cause the electrolyte solution to become sluggish, reducing how much power is available to discharge and how quickly the vehicle’s battery can charge,” Ford writes in a pressContinue Reading