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Tesla Is Being Charged With "Water Pollution"

Tesla Is Now Being Accused Of “Water Pollution”

A German environmentalist group, Association for Nature and Landscape has filed “criminal accusations” against Tesla, accusing the corporation of

hydrogen trains

In A First – Hydrogen Trains Begin Operations In Germany

Germany has invested around $92 million in the world’s first fleet of hydrogen trains. The trains debuted in the


Tesla Model Y Now Has BYD Blade Batteries In Germany

BYD structural battery packs have arrived at the Tesla facility in Grünheide, Germany. The packs have a capacity of


Germany’s Enormous “Thermos” Will Heat Thousands of Homes

Countries that rely on Russia’s fossil-fuel sector for energy and utilities are looking for alternatives. In another indication of

tesla grant

Tesla Might Receive €1.14 Billion Grant From German Government For A Battery Factory

According to German newspaper Der Tagesspiegel, Tesla is in line to receive a €1.14 billion grant from the German


BASF To Build New Battery Recycling Prototype Plant In Germany

BASF has announced plans for a new battery recycling prototype plant in Schwarzheide, which is in the southern part


sonnenBatterie – Its Time To Declare Your Independence From Grid

German solar battery maker sonnen, which is owned by Royal Dutch Shell, expects to expand in line with its

solar cell

German’s Create ‘Spectral Selective Solar Cell’ Which Can Be Used In Agrivoltaics & Greenhouses

Researchers from the German Aerospace Center (DLR) have developed a selective solar cell based on an ultra-thin n-i-p absorber

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