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Glacial Lake Flooding Threaten Millions Globally

New Study – Glacial Lake Flooding Threaten Millions Globally

According to recent research, climate warming is worsening future flooding emergencies at both high and low elevations. Approximately 15

Himalayan Glacier And With It Ganga River May Disappear Soon...

Himalayan Glacier And With It River Ganga May Disappear Soon…

The Hindu devout dream of walking to Gaumukh, where the waters of India’s holy river, the Ganges, emerge from


The “Doomsday Glacier” May Collapse Within Next Decade

A new study has discovered that Antarctica’s Florida-sized Thwaites glacier, which has been in a continuous “collapse” pattern as

glacial lake

Glacial Destruction Of Life And Property Is Becoming An Annual Event…

As the record-breaking, months-long heatwave continues, a major glacial lake outburst in Pakistan has destroyed a bridge, two power

ice shelf

Larsen Ice Shelf In Antarctica Has Broken Into The Ocean ;(

According to a news statement from the Earth Institute at Columbia University, a major portion of the Larsen Ice


The “Doomsday Glacier” Is Melting At An Unprecedented Rate…

David Holland, an atmospheric scientist at New York University, demonstrates the rate of melting of the Thwaites Glacier. The


Greenland Ice Melting Rate Is At A 12000 Year High

The Greenland Ice Sheet (GrIS) is losing mass at an alarming rate. A new study recently discovered that the

Pine island

Antarctica’s Pine Island Glacier Is Melting Faster Than Before…

The ice shelf that holds Antarctica’s massive Pine Island Glacier from collapsing into the Southern Ocean is breaking up faster than

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