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Plastic Recycling Is A Myth Propagated By Petroleum And Gas Companies

Plastic items are useful and convenient, but they also come with a high environmental cost. You probably assume that

plastic problem

Solutions To Plastic Problem And Climate Change Go Hand-in-Hand

According to researchers from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, plastic production and disposal resulted in 850 million tons

Kagzi bottles

Kagzi Bottles – A 100% Made In India Compostable Paper Bottle

On a mission to find a sustainable alternative and reduce the menace of plastic pollution, Kagzi Bottles, a company

chemical recycling

Chemical Recycling – An Attempt To Recycle The Unrecyclable Plastic

Every year, more than 380 million tonnes of plastic is produced worldwide. The way we normally recycle plastics is

biodegradable plastic

Creating Biodegradable Plastic From Wood

Plastics are one of the world’s largest polluters, taking hundreds of years to degrade in nature. Efforts to shift

brand audit

Brand Audit – Coca Cola Emerges As The Top Global Polluter For The 3rd Time In A Row

Break Free From Plastic engaged 14,734 volunteers in 55 countries to conduct 575 brand audits for its “Brand Audit”


Colgate – Cleaning The Teeth And The Planet

Our landfills are a graveyard for old, plastic toothbrushes. Last year, 495 million nonelectric toothbrushes were purchased in the


This Is How Plastic Is Changing The Marine Ecosystem…

Trillions of plastic debris fragments are afloat at sea, creating a previously-unknown habitat for microbial colonization. They are rapidly

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